The Beginning Of something Good

From the Desk of the CEO...

How did House Of Okara come about?

I’ve always believed in hard work and determination. I watched others around me and figured that if I wanted to be successful, then I must put in effort and keep going till I achieve what I want. 

For years I have wanted to take my career to a higher level. I was successful in my current position but I still felt like something was missing and no amount of “moving up” within the company would change that. 

One day I read a post on either Instagram or Facebook that said “if you are working full time for someone else and not putting in anytime towards your personal goal/brand, you are cheating yourself,” something to that effect. I thought about it and I absolutely agreed. I go into work every day- commute for 2 hours, put in at least 10 hours while there and I’m so completely exhausted by the time I get home that I don’t have the energy to climb up the stairs, talk less put in more hours of work. But I knew that if I wanted to change the cycle, I had to start somewhere. So I put together a plan, did some research, set some goals and started working towards my dream. 

Like many people I know, Nigerians in America struggle with finding the right attire to wear to many events due to scarcity of good tailors, lack of product availability or simply not being able to decide what to wear to special occasions. I know I’ve been there. Creating House Of Okara was a way to provide all these things not only to those people but people all over the world who are looking to purchase clothing, Jewelry and accessories not easily found in stores. I hope to expand our product list and open shipping to more countries soon. Who knows, maybe even a fashion showcase in the near future.

The birth of House Of Okara not only gave me a platform to Channel my creativity but also gave me a sense of accomplishment and dare I say- CONFIDENCE!

We are growing, and you can be a part of the journey.

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